Looking for You

2019 was a cracker year for us, we took part in many passion projects as well as worked with many incredible agencies and watched so much talent in South Africa flourish! We got to work with our good friend Jimmy Reynolds on a few productions including this music video for the amazingly talented Holly Rey. 


The Edit Room handled post production on this project and it is a perfect example of why so much attention needs to be placed on a carefully thought out edit and grade. 


Happy to see this video up on MTV Base, Channel O & Trace Africa - Go Durban talent!





The Greenhouse Effect

As always we participated in the Durban 48 Hour Film Challenge, which is an annual competition where teams have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a short film. Your genre, line, prop and character are provided on the Friday evening and off you go - by the Sunday you need to deliver! 

It’s always exciting and there's never a dull moment. This year we placed third and won first prize for best use of props. We had an amazing team and loved the content we created! We are always keen on these kinds of passion projects that stretch our creativity and allow us to deliver messages we believe in. 


Soda Bloc

Every now and then we get to work with our wonderful friends over at Wisdom & youth. Its always fun, it's always bright and we just love their enthusiastic team! 

Check out this spot we did for up and coming clothing brand - soda Bloc, available in Foschini! 



The End of the World

We had the pleasure of working with talented musicians Cara Munroe, Tyler Durban, Roth Baney & Colin Mazurik to create their music video for their song The End of the World. 


This project proves that you do not need a massive budget to make something impactful. We are always thrilled to lift up local creatives so don’t be scared to get in touch and let’s collaborate! 


Wrapping Up 2018

2018 was a super exciting year for us because it was the start of us officially joining forces and starting our business. The Edit Room opened its doors and was welcomed with open arms.


We have met so many people and had so many exciting new opportunities since then and we can not wait to move into the new year and make films that matter!